• Hynt (formerly SeeNote)

    Hynt (formerly SeeNote)

    Hynt sets better reminders by stashing messages where you need them and then alerting you right on the spot. Launching April 2017.

  • Anne-Marie Archambault

    Anne-Marie Archambault

    Yoga & food lover | conceptrice au contenu | content creator | FREE (lance) | Health Coach @nutritionschool - NY | FR-EN | SMILE, it works.

  • Mark Szpakowski

    Mark Szpakowski

    Noosphere geek, sentient dad, earth cadet, call-by-future

  • Society of Work

    Society of Work

    A membership-­based shared office space that's creating a culture where things get done.

  • Martine Pagé

    Martine Pagé

    Screenwriter living in Montreal (film, TV, Web). Scénariste, conceptrice, rédactrice.

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