Futurist Intrapreneur in-residence

Interactions Poet & Organizational storytellers

I have been an Interaction Poet for 25 years now.

I promote Calm Computing.

I nurture Critical Thinking to develop new architectures, new forms of storytelling & storymaking, new interactions, new architectures, new computing paradigms, new materials, new networks of ideas and new usages.

I am the creator of wuxia the fox an Interactive & Immersive Connected Storyworld.

I was the co-founder and Chief Design Officer of SAGA who inspired by my vision built iotheatre.co the first Experience Design Management platform connected to a Real-Time Location System & Context Intelligence Engine that we use to deploy unique and contextually relevant Storytelling Engines for Programmable Environments.

I am an Interaction and Social designer. Some people call me a relational artist. Part of my role is to bring innovation to society and start new dialogues. I create experiences, images and narratives dealing with the potential risks and rewards inherent in technological and scientific development to exert an important influence on how our society comes to terms with these innovations.

Founder of stories of a Near Future (nearfuturestories.co), wuxiathefox.com, calmr.io